Gutter and Downspout Install in Utica

Gutter Tech was back in historic Utica, NY to install new gutters and downspouts. After finally giving up on the old vinyl gutters that were leaking and unsightly, our customer decided to upgrade to new seamless aluminum gutters.

After getting several proposals, they decided to utilize Gutter Techs service, knowing that the job would be done right, on time, and be backed by a 10 year warranty.  After removing the existing old vinyl gutters, we extruded custom gutters for each section of fascia making for an exact fit while eliminating seams and giving the seamless gutter system a refined look.  It is always important to check to make sure the fascia board is properly secured to the rafter tails, and to pitch the gutters to the points of drainage.

A couple things you should know about installing fascia sections.

DO: Select a licensed contractor who has installed soffit in the past.

DON’T: Contract to have soffit put on if your contractor cannot explain how it works.

DO: Make sure that additional venting is cut into wooden soffits. This is a step that many contractors will skip but it is absolutely critical to properly functioning attic ventilation that this be done.

DON’T: Accept an agreement without understanding if the soffit will be vented and whether it will be aluminum or vinyl.

We also installed new downspouts, taking care to direct the water away from the foundation while at the same time staying true to the aesthetics of the architecture.

The gutters system was immediately put to the test with the melting snow and ice from the roof, and our customers can rest easy knowing that there will be no more leaky gutters and hazardous icing cause by constant dripping. 

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Gutter and Downspout Install in Utica

Gutter and Downspout Install in Utica