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Below you’ll find answers to our most frequently asked questions regarding Guttertech Enterprise seamless gutters and services.

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Living in Central New York brings with it harsh winters with ice and snow, but correctly installed seamless gutters can withstand even the harshest conditions. Using hidden gutter hangers engineered to provide maximum strength, fasteners designed for the gutter industry, and proper gutter hanger spacing, our seamless gutter system will withstand the test of time. We use a high quality 0.032 gauge aluminum gutter coil stock for our gutters which is specifically designed for the gutter industry and is much thicker and more durable than what you will find at most box stores. Another factor to remember is that the fascia board to which gutters are fastened to must be in a reasonably good condition to accept the gutter. At Gutter Tech we make a point of educating our customers in regards to the condition of their houses fascia board and soffit, so as to provide the best possible gutter solution which prevents unnecessary call backs and an inconvenience to the homeowner. Our gutter systems come backed by a ten year warranty so you can be confident in our ability to provide a very durable gutter system.

Our seamless gutters are extruded from 0.32 gauge high-tech aluminum gutter coil stock. We warranty that our gutter material will be free of defects and maintain its integrity for at least ten years. With a stringent cleaning process, and a primer and baked on top coat, you can rest assured that our aluminum gutters will last a lifetime.

Although it seems that it would be simple enough to install your own gutters, there are several draw backs to doing it yourself.

  • Installing a seamless gutter (which means that it will be extruded on sight so it doesn’t have any seams in any linear run of gutter) eliminates having many seams or splices which results in leaks and constant drips.
  • The gutter material and accessories you will find at most large home improvement stores will not match up to our gutters strength and the durability of our gutter accessories.
  • Another very important consideration when considering installing your own gutters is the cost of the material when purchased at your local hardware store, or box store. You will usually find that the cost of material will be around half of what it costs to have it done professionally by Gutter Tech with seamless gutters.
  • Gutter and down spout colors are also limited to white and brown in most major retail hardware stores. We provide numerous colors to match the color of the houses fascia, and also many down spouting colors to match the houses trim and siding.
  • The last thing to remember is that we install thousands of feet of seamless gutter every year, and with a highly trained team of professional installers are able to deliver an aesthetically pleasing, well designed, and efficient gutter system with fast and efficient installation.

All gutter systems will require some maintenance, whether it’s annually or every other year. It is very important to keep your gutters free of debris so that it can flow freely and drain out the downspouts correctly. Clogged gutters can cause water damage, staining of the front of the gutters, and inconvenient water drips and damage to your landscaping. It is critical that they are not clogged before the winter because that can result in damage to the gutter system by the freezing of the stagnant water in the gutters.

We have a wide range of gutter guards available which can be installed on our gutter systems or existing gutter systems. Gutter guards can be a valuable additions to your gutters, preventing costly damage to your house and landscaping, and save you time and money paying someone to clean them or doing it yourself.

Gutter Tech Enterprises offers fast and efficient cleaning of your gutter system. We make sure your gutter system and down spouts are functioning correctly, removing debris, and inspect the gutters for possible leaks and other issues which can be costly in the long term.

When we use the term seamless gutters, we are referring to on sight gutter extrusion, which allows us to make any length of gutter to fit to each roofline, eliminating unnecessary seams. Other systems such as plastic sectional gutters that can be found at most large hardware stores only come in ten-foot sections, and require unsightly brackets to hold the gutter in place. In fact we replace thousands of plastic gutter systems every year because it usually does not remain in place for more then a couple years, and it is almost impossible to keep the seams from leaking.

Seamless gutters are made from high-grade aluminum. The material comes from the aluminum mills as a coil stock and is cut down to the right width to allow it to be run through our on sight extrusion machine.

We use a hidden hanger, which installs inside the gutter so no unsightly fasteners are exposed on the exterior of the gutter. The Hangtite hanger that we use is engineered to provide maximize strength, and is the strongest hidden hanger in its class.

We use Geocel 2320 which is a tri-polymer sealant designed for the gutter industry. It is the highest performing sealant on the market, specifically designed for the gutter industry.

Our gutters are 0.032 gauge, which is the thickest that can be run through residential gutter machines. What you find at your big hardware box stores is 0.027, which is noticeably thinner and much less robust.

The paint finish on our gutters comes with a 20 year limited warranty. Our white coil is finished with a waterborne acrylic emulsion in a two-step process with a primer and a topcoat. Our colored coil is finished with a two-step process, using a polyester coating.

Our top grade aluminum comes in over 30 colors available

We install a 5 inch K style seamless gutter. We fabricate our gutters on site, eliminating seams and creating a continuous uniform look.

Our gutter systems come backed with a ten (10) year warranty on installation and material, unless there are extraneous circumstances. If there are any problems that were due to an incorrect installation, we will repair the problem in a timely manor at no cost to the homeowner.

We use stainless steel fasteners to install gutter guards and downspouts, and ceramic-coated steel screws to hang or attach the gutters to the fascia board, eliminating unsightly rust marks, and extending the longevity of the system.

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