Gutter Guards

What are Gutter Guards?

Gutter Guards or Gutter Covers are protective upper covers for your gutter system. They help keep out debris like leaves, shingle sand, moss, or other clutter. We offer two types of gutter guards: Real Gutter Guards and Leaf Proof Gutter Guards. Both are great systems that we have installed on countless homes.

The Benefits of Gutter Guards

Cleaning your gutters can be quite the project. If you’re not properly prepared, it can even be dangerous. By keeping debris out of your gutter system you greatly reduce your annual cleaning efforts for gutters. In addition, it helps them perform much better. No matter what system you have – even seamless gutters – open gutters get clogged. In the Central New York Region, we are especially prone to leaf buildup from fall winds. Gutter covers help eliminate this problem. With cleaner gutters, you’ll have less ice build up too. Less ice means less expansion; this helps reduce breakage and cracks and keeps your gutters running smoothly. All of these benefits added together mean a cleaner, safer home exterior with less work from you!

Real Gutter Cover®

We offer fast and efficient installation and sales of Real Gutter Cover systems. The Real Gutter Cover is our best sell. It protects your gutter system from becoming clogged with debris from leaves, twigs, and other falling objects. The Real Gutter Cover has a low profile with no screws or nails in the shingles. Plus, it’s made in the USA! Manufactured from high-grade aluminum, and designed to handle even the heaviest of rains, the Gutter Guard is truly a winner when it comes to price and value.

Give us a call if you’re tired of maintaining your gutter system and of the dangers of climbing ladders. We will be glad to assist you to make the right decision regarding your gutters system. And don’t forget if your gutters are in disrepair, or you don’t have gutters and you’re having water problems, we offer professional seamless gutter installation with unmatched quality and customer service.

Real Gutter Cover

REAL® Gutter Covers

No exaggerated performance claims. Just good all-around gutter protection to meet REAL® expectations!

Never clean your gutters again with Champion Gutter Guard Systems

Champion Gutter Guards are a premium gutter guard system comprised of a stainless steel micro mesh and aluminum body. They are a cost effective way to prevent your gutters from clogging up with debris, which can cause extensive damage to both your gutter system and your home. Below are some of the many benefits and features that the Champion Gutter Guard system has to offer:

  • Industry exclusive Lifetime Limited Warranty with either 100% money back guaranteed or the issue is resolved to the satisfaction of the customer if the gutter experiences any internal clog.
  • Keeps out all debris.
  • Made from surgical-grade stainless steel mesh and a strong, durable, one piece aluminum body.
  • Permanently installs on all new or existing seamless gutters creating a stronger gutter system.
  • Cost effective gutter guard.

Why not install the solid gutter cap water retention system?

  • Causes ice buildup under the shingles and ice dams.
  • Causes damage to the shingles and breaks the shingle seal.
  • Dark colors absorb heat causing ice to work under the shingles which cause water damage and roof damage.
  • Very expensive to have installed.

Champion Gutter Guard example

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