Gutters and Your Foundation

Did you know that the condition of your gutters could affect many other areas of your home, including your foundation? Gutters that are not properly cared for could pose a threat to the overall integrity and safety of your home, lower the property value, or lead to foundation repairs and water issues.

The largest problem that homeowners run into is when their gutters aren’t draining properly or far enough away from the home. Most often this issue is cause when your gutters are clogged with leaves and debris. Keep this in mind now that the leaves are beginning to fall in New York! Make sure to clean your gutters regularly or consider investing in Gutter Guards to prevent leaves all together.

If your gutters have already had the issue of being clogged make sure to check your foundation for damage. When water overflows from your gutters it will often pool around the foundation. Over time, this excess water can lead to the erosion of soil around and underneath the foundation. The water could also leak directly into the basement through existing cracks in the foundation or basement walls, leading to multiple foundation issues, and sometimes severe water damage.

Keep an eye open for leaning walls or bowing walls in your home or in your basement, it is a strong indicator that something is wrong with the foundation. Another quite obvious indicator may be foundation cracks, itself, wall cracks, or even ceiling cracks. Sticking windows and doors are another good sign that your foundation is in need of repair. Sometimes, a damaged foundation may even lead to a wet basement. If you find any of these problems with your foundation make sure not only to give us a call for better gutters but also to contact a professional foundation repair service!